Implants have been used extensively in Europe over the last 15 years. Five years ago, Northern European countries provided 20 times as many implants as the UK and Spain, 5 times. Over 1 million were done in Europe last year!

Our Implant surgery team is as follows:

John Duthie BDS MGDS;RCS ( Eng.) who will now provide the superstructures i.e. the crowns, bridges and over-dentures which restore the teeth to a very high standard.

Mr Paul Swanson BDS MFDGP(UK) DipImpDent;RCS(Eng.) MSc.(Imp.) who has the expertise in the placement of the leading implant types and performs any necessary bone grafting, sinus lifts or augmentation procedures. Paul works here at the practice on Mondays when joint clinics are arranged. Any CT scans necessary are also provided in South Liverpool.

• Very complex cases are referred to Carl Jones, a Consultant Maxillo-Facial surgeon who helps with the more complex surgery involving hip grafts, mandibular reconstruction moving nerve supplies or all three. These cases are usually victims of trauma or tumours. Chris Butterworth is the Merseyside Consultant in major oral rehabilitation

• We often arrange second opinions to check our diagnosis and treatment plan. We also work with Ashok Sethi in Harley St if the highest level of international expertise is required.

If you would like more information on Implant Surgery please download our informative PDF in the free resource section.