Do you dread coming to the dentist? If you, like many others, are a ‘dental phobic’ then we believe we can help you.

For those on the lesser end of the phobic spectrum, sometimes just a friendly, gentle manner can be enough to calm your anxiety. All of our dental team are fully trained in dealing with anxious patients and we are more than happy to take a slow sympathetic approach to all treatment.

For those who need more of a helping hand, we offer private treatment under intravenous sedation. For the majority of sedation patients, we use Midazolam intravenously

(injection in the back of the hand or in the arm) to help calm your nerves and help you feel more at ease with having dental treatment. The procedure is very safe. You will remain awake, but will feel a little sleepy. You will be so relaxed that you will be mostly unaware of the treatment taking place, and chances are that you will forget the majority of the procedure by the next day (Midazolam has a mild amnesic effect).

We are able to offer any routine treatments under sedation, including simple fillings, root canal, tooth extractions and ceramic reconstruction. We also offer implants under sedation. Contact our dental team for more information.

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